It couldn’t be simpler: threefold enjoyment with Les Trois Fondues

1) Dice the white bread

(from the previous day) into mouth-sized cubes.

2) Rub a clove of garlic around

the inside of the caquelon.

3) Then grease the caquelon

with butter.

4) Prepare the basic cheese fondue mixture.*/**

5) Stir the cheese mixture continuously until it slowly becomes creamy.

6) Add 3 dl of Johannisberg or another good white wine.

7) Transfer one third of the finished basic mixture to one of the three caquelon compartments in Les Trois Fondues.

8) Add fine herbs

(or curry/paprika) to the

rest of the mixture.

9) Stir well and then pour half the mixture into one of the two empty caquelon compartments in Les Trois Fondues.

10) Dice two small, firm tomatoes.

11) Add the diced tomatoes to

the remaining basic mixture.

12) Add ½ dessertspoon of tomato purée and, if necessary, a little more white wine to the remaining basic mixture.

13) Stir well before pouring the third mixture into the last empty caquelon compartment of Les Trois Fondues.

Within just a few minutes, you have created three different cheese fondues. Enjoy!

* For 4 persons, we recommend the following quantities for the basic mixture: 300 g Gruyère, 100 g Emmental, 100 g raclette cheese and 100 g alpine cheese, grated or cut into small cubes.

** If you prefer not to use a ready-made cheese fondue mixture, thicken the fresh cheese fondue mixture with potato starch (To do this, mix Maizena with a little white wine and Kirsch brandy in a separate vessel. Then pour into the cheese mixture while stirring continuously until it becomes creamy.)